In 1970 or '71, George Lellis and Ron Policy created CinemaTexas, a graduate-student-run film society that was part of the Radio-Television-Film Department at the University of Texas at Austin. In conjunction with classes that were being taught during the semester, relevant films were shown four nights a week to students and the public at large. A set of Notes discussing each night's film was written by one member of a rotating group of graduate students, and then mimeographed and distributed at that evening's screening. CinemaTexas programmed films until the mid-1980s when the widespread availability of VHS tapes rendered CT impractical by substantially curtailing the number of admissions. Over the years, many CinemaTexas Notewriters went on to teach and write about films, as well as make and program films. Many have established substantial reputations in their chosen fields. Given the extraordinary range of films covered and the profoundly idiosyncratic taste of some of the CT programmers, many of the films thus written about have not received much additional coverage over the years.

As a result of the overall outstanding quality of the Notes, the talent of the Notewriters, and the range of films, it was decided to make these Notes available online. As many former CT Notewriters as could be found have been contacted and asked for permission to reprint their Notes. To those we couldn't find, we apologize, and urge you to contact this project. This is not yet a complete collection; once we get it online and functioning we will try to fill in all the missing Notes.